MyGravity Android App

Mygravity is a retail loyalty and digital marketing platform. It includes Android and iOS user apps, a web app for data analytics and targeted marketing and an iPad app for in-store points of sale.

As Head of UX for Mygravity, I created a full suite of cross-platform apps for digital loyalty and marketing. I developed the products from the idea stage, to the first MVP and finally into a mature software ecosystem, now enjoyed by a growing base of 10k+ users.

The iOS and Android apps allow end-users to collect loyalty points and rewards, discover new businesses and interact with them to build privacy-driven loyalty relationships.

The iPad app helps clerks manage user points and loyalty rewards efficiently, with minimal friction at the point of sale.

The Android app was released shortly after the iOS version. It follows the same Information Architecture and interaction patterns, which were “translated” into Android’s Material Design, to maintain familiarity with the platform’s UI.

Android’s card-based interface also allowed for more flexibility: certain cards can become available contextually, or based on configuration options set by business owners.

Users are encouraged to give feedback to the businesses they visit most frequently. Each survey offers a different reward, and can be advertised in various locations throughout the app. All surveys can be found in the Feedback section.

Users can easily find new businesses and special offers in their vicinity. They also have the option to set up notifications for future nearby deals they are interested in.

On first load, every section of the app is introduced via an onboarding card, which can be dismissed manually. If it is not dismissed, it will disappear automatically after being viewed for over 30 seconds in a single session, or more than 5 individual times across different sessions.

Both Android and iOS apps can be used without an account, allowing users to maintain the highest level of privacy. When creating an account, they retain control of the information they share with each business, in return for increased rewards.

Traditional paper cards can also be used, with or without an account. They accumulate points through use, and any number of them can be associated with a user’s account at any time.

See the apps in in the hands of customers and hear some on-site testimonials in this video from MyGravity’s successful Crowdcube pitch: